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Welcome to OttoPi

OttoPi is an exciting company doing important work. Our technology enables organizations to create responsible and sustainable solutions to problems at local and global scales. At OttoPi, we believe that geography is at the heart of a more resilient and sustainable future. We invite you to discover ways that you can leverage our technology and expertise in your own organization

Who We Are?

OttoPi is your full range supplier of digital printing materials. Regardless of your application, you are sure to find a product from our range that will match your requirements. Leading brands within our portfolio of digital printing materials and the range is complimented by also the equivalent laminating and mounting films.

The OttoPi range consists of a vast number of different product solutions, whether you need material for inkjet printing with solvent or water based inks, latex inks, UV printing or thermo transfer printing.

Our Services

PVC Foam Board

PVC foam sheet/board is becoming the substitution of wood in many fields such as AD and Decoration. It made through foaming and pressing into shape with additives. The main material is PVC. So it covers not only features of woodplast, but also very light and can be printed, engraved easily

All Kind Of Digital Printing

We are increasing our capacity by ten times! Orders that were previously impossible to handle are possible now. High capacity production enables designers and brand managers to gain flexibility. Fast, perfect; infinite color palette as if it’s out of a painters brush, provides designers new possibilities.

Digital Printing Fabrics

Nylon fabric is 200 denier (denotes the weight of the thread) Dupont SolarMax nylon that has been specially treated to resist the damaging effects of UV rays. When all things are considered, a nylon flag will give you the most bang for your buck.


Monomeric digital printing films have excellent printing quality with its 0,080 mm pvc thickness and suitable for solvent, eco-solvent, UV and Thermal digital printing machines. Unifol 3980 digital printing films’ excellent printing quality and special 138gr/m2 kraft clay-coated release liner, do not allow any contortion or distortion during the printing process.

Country Flags

Flag is, a country, an institution, an organization or a community representative usually made of fabric and an object hanging from a pole. Production of Flag past over 20 years time as the industry leader olan corporation, with the latest technology machinery to fast and high quality service with cheap and quality at your service.

Human Resources

Within the context of the importance it attaches to human resources, Akçansa provides many opportunities to its employees for individual development, including assurance of high performance and success through training in HR processes, performance evaluations, career development plans, organization and human resource success plans, salary systems and social rights applications. Please send your cv and cover letter to


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